GPS Calling for Elections This Year is Reckless and Heartless


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

As reports of “Burnt Out Sarikei Frontliners” are hitting national headlines, it is reckless and heartless of the Sarawak State Government to push for State Elections to be held this year.

The problem of the “Burnt Out Sarikei Frontliners” is just the tip of the iceberg as most frontliners throughout the State are facing the same problem, insufficient manpower, insufficient facilities, and insufficient rest.

Sarawak has topped the daily new Covid infection cases amongst the states in country almost everyday since August, 2021.

In the last few weeks, I have received so many complaints from the family members of those who were quarantined in the general hospital that the nurses and doctors were very lacking and all were very tired.

To make matter worse, the number of deaths from Covid is still piling up.

For the State Government to call for Elections now is to not only reckless but a total disregard to the lives of Sarawakians and all the good effort of the frontliners fighting the pandemic for more than a year.

The only reason for Abang Jo and the GPS to call for elections before the end of this year is so that those above 18 years old would not be able to vote, as the Kuching High Court has decided, the Government must allow all 18 years and above to vote by the end of this year.

Is Abang Jo and the GPS so afraid of the UNDI 18 and the young voters that they have to risk the lives of so many Sarawakians and the frontliners? That, being the case, the GPS is putting its personal political interest over and above the general interest of Sarawakians.