Fuzzy Indication By The State Government Leave The Community In Confusion


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

Apparently the State Government has already gazetted the Order on the 4th Of May 2020 which allows Local Businesses in the State to notify the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee on writing if they wish to open their business from 4th May to 12th May 2020。.

So technically they are following the Federal CMCO ruling except an additional step of “notifying” SDMC.

There are few issues i few needs to be clarified;

(1)The word explicitly used was to “notify in writing” which technically does not mean seek approval.

So does it mean businesses can just notify when they intend to start business(exp. tomorrow) OR do they need wait for approval from SDMC?

(2) If there is an approval process, how long does it takes? Will they be issued a certificate of approval upon successful application? Is there a proper mechanism is place so that applications can be processed quickly without creating a long backlog?

(3) Does this only apply is certain zones, or are they also to operate in Red Zones?

At end of the day, this for me is poor communications and it again leaves the business community and general public in confusion.

Why wasn’t this announced earlier and communicated better so the industries and business can prepare better in order to make sure there is better adaptation for compliance and safety purposes.

As mentioned many times, people just want clarity, certainty and a proper detailed “exit plan” to adapt to this “new normal”.