Dr.Yii : Contribution of Labors Will Not Be Forgotten


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

There may be somewhat of a somber mood this year we prepared to celebrate Labour Day, the day we celebrate and recognize the contributions of workers worldwide especially due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic it has on workers all around the world.

This pandemic itself is not just a health crisis, but has many economic consequences giving birth to many uncertainties especially for the workers including their job prospects, income, security and for some, even fear of losing their jobs.

Forecast and projections by economic experts also do not paint a very bright near future for the economy and this of course will lead to much uncertainties for many whose only concern is to earn an honest living so that they can put food on the table for their families.

While there may not be mass celebration to celebrate Labour Day this year , it does not mean that we should not forget the underlying messages of appreciation and recognition that should be given to all workers that has helped keep our country running. It is also them that will bring our country up again as we rebuild again after this battle is done.

Of course, during this pandemic, we want to give special appreciation to all our front liners that kept on working dailt so that we can stay home, be safe and to live another day.

It is because of their hard work and sacrifices today, we have a chance to continue working in the future.

This of course includes our men and women in uniform, our fire department, police, enforcement enforcement personnel, healthcare workers, hospital cleaners and many other that have working day in and day out to protect us and care for us especially through this medical emergency period.

On top of that, another one group of ” frontliner” we all also must appreciate during this times are also the vendors, the food distributors, Kedai runcit, the supermarket employees, food delivery workers, medicine supplies delivery, general supplies delivery and many others just like them.

They are now also on the frontlines to make sure we have food supply and essentials for us to survive on, risking their health to help ours.

As we show our appreciation and recognition to them, it is also important we provide them with the right support and protection during this time. That is why i read with concern on the report of infection among our Healthcare Workers (HcWs) in Kuching and Sarawak General Hospital(SGH)

From the daily official reports, there are currently 56 Healthcare Workers (HcWs) that are tested positive in Kuching(30th April 2020) and out of that 21 cases are still active and 35 have recovered. These are very worrying statistics and has to be seriously looked into by both the State Disaster Management Committee(SDMC) and the Ministry of Health as we cannot fail our medical front liners.

With all these HCWs being treated and quarantined, the Ministry must look into the man power needed to cover them in the hospital especially to cater not just for the COVID-19 cases, but also other patients and illness. It is alleged that many HCWs from different discipline including medical, anesthesia, pediatrics, obstetrics, ETD and even orthopedics were tested positive.

The gap they leave behind has to be adequately replaced and covered so that ‘patient care’ will not be compromised and to protect our current Medical Staff from being overstretched and overworked, putting them at risk to a burnout.

Strict, clear and proper protocols have to be put in place not just on patient care but also for the medical staff to lower the risk of infection among themselves and also the patients. This include their working hours, their shifts, handling of patients and also proper testing protocols for the staff.

The Ministry should also make sure that supplies of PPEs, N95 mask and others are adequately stock and provided to all medical staff especially the frontliners to make sure they are properly protected and supported as we battle through this healthcare emergency.

They are like everyone of us. They have families back home that they are concerned of, young children and even elderly. Some i heard had to rent apartments to stay during this period because they are afraid to go home and infect their families. Even with these difficulties, yet their soldier on and kept on working to make sure the rest of us can be safe.

That is why we must NOT fail our health workers as they are not just our front liners, they are also our last line of defence. If they fall, we all fall.

Let us make sure they are properly protected and supported, not just physically but also mentally during this time.

It is because of their hard work and sacrifices today, we have a chance to continue working in the future.

Happy Labour Day