Do Allow SOP Fine Appeal To Be Done Online


Press Statement By Julian Tan:

The Government urged making the process of filing an appeal to those slapped with the RM10’000 compound easier. This is to protect those involved in the appealing process and not to further burden both sides during trying times like this.

Currently, the only way to file an appeal is to be there physically and to fill up forms. It takes a while as there is much additional information that needs to be filled in by violators. The appealing process can also only be done during office hours, thus further adding unnecessary burden to the people when jobs are hard to come by. Some of the locations for filing appeals can only handle a certain number of violators’ presence.

The situation can get complicated and confusing when there is a sudden influx of visitors. Many have no idea what to do and need to over the counter many times for inquiries, obtain forms, fill forms, and submit upon completion. There will be those trying to get things done here and there, which may take a while. Others need to come back for the second time due to incomplete documents that they will only find out there.

The purpose of the fine is to send the message across not to breach existing SOP that may trigger the spread of COVID19. It should not add on the unnecessary burden to both officers and violators. The process of appealing should be seamless, paperless, and contactless as much as possible, thus serving its prime objective to curb the spread of COIVD19.

Let the filling be done online, including submitting relevant supporting documents; everything is now traceable digitally, especially official documents. As for those unable to go online and needing help, make the forms available online or be easily obtained. Doing so will allow community leaders to lend a hand to the already overloaded front liners.

From our experience in helping those with the process of filing an appeal, the public will need to fill in forms and bring the original compound slip. Photocopy of IC is not required. However, they should bring together a photocopy or printout copy of any documents that can verify their current financial condition. For example, payslip, dependents details such as birth cert, IC, or medical expenses. Those that filling an appeal can also use a printout of BPN/BSH status slip to strengthen the appeal process.

Julian Tan
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen