DAPSY calls on Miri Mayor to inform public on park repairs


Democratic Action PartySocialist Youth(Dapsy) yesterday called on Miri mayor Adam Yii to clarify the status of Miri Public Park repairs project following his assurance to Mirians three weeks ago that a report had been prepared and the budget requested to the authorities.

Dapsy Sarawak chief Peter Hee said the mayor had in a meeting on April 14 at Pujut Hawker Centre talked about the much-needed maintenance of Miri Public Park and the damaged suspension bridge.

Hee speaks to the press during a visit to the still-closed suspension bridge.

“Twenty days have passed, the suspension bridge of Miri Public Park is still closed, and there is no repair work in the park,” he said in a statement.

The latter already had found a solution to the problem.

He said the mayor has given contradictory statements on the issue of funding availability.

“Despite GPS elected representatives, including Yii who is Pujut assemblyman, being allocated RM5 million in RTP funds annually, this park and the suspension bridge maintenance have been problematic and unresolved for many years.

The DAPSY leader pointed to the announcement on Aug 22 last year where Yii said state Minister of Transport Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin had assured that RM1.5 million was allocated for the Miri Public Park project, but there has been a deafening silence since then.

“The rundown facilities needing urgent repairs include the children’s water games, children’s play grounds, and fountains without water supply and others.”

“Now that the mayor insists that the necessary repairs and cost reports have been completed, and is seeking funding, I am asking the mayor to clarify and answer to the public as to when repair works will begin.”

Hee said Yii’s unwillingness to accept DAP’s offer to help source for federal funding implied that Hee hoped the mayor and Miri City Council would work together with DAPSY by being open-minded, saying: “We love Miri. We are not looking for problems but offering unconditional help voluntarily.”