Calling Muhyudin To Resign Is Not Politicking But Necessity


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

The calling for the resignation of Mahiaddin is not politicking but is to put a better person to take charge of the country for the sake of the people.

Abang Jo’s support for Mahiaddin on the ground that it is not a time for politicking is a fallacious statement.

The prime minister and his cabinet are the policy-makers of the country. The government civil service executes the policies set by the cabinet. When the cabinet decides on the wrong policies, the country move towards a wrong direction. When the cabinet doesn’t know how the decide on policies, the whole country is directionless.

The present Mahiaddin and his cabinet has proven itself to be incapable and ineffective in managing the country in this Covid-19 pandemic. That is the reason why many have called for his resignation.

No doubt, there may be some who want him to resign for personal reasons, but the great majority of Malaysian including Sarawakians want him to resign because of his failure to manage the pandemic situation in this country.

Knowing that Mahiaddin and his present lot of cabinet ministers are incapable of managing the country and yet continue to support such failed government would be suicidal for the country and her people. That is exactly what Abang Jo and the GPS are doing.

Therefore, not only the calling for the resignation of Mahiaddin is not politicking, but it is essential for the country to move forward especially in this challenging time when everyone is suffering. GPS’ support for Mahiaddin will only prolong the suffering of the people and cause more lives to be lost unnecessarily, more business to go under and more people to go unemployed.

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman