The NRP Announced By PM Is Just A “Shell” Without Strategy And Substance


Press statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

This so-called recovery plan by the Perikatan Nasional(PN) Government is merely a shell devoid of real substance and strategy. It has not in any way inspire confidence or show a way forward for businesses and even the public post-covid19.

This shows that the government little to no plans for a proper exit strategy when it comes to properly transitioning out of this MCO.

For the past year, businesses and the public has been crying out for leadership and direction to steer them through this storm, but not only was this recovery plan announced so late, but it offers little substance and support for many businesses that are struggling, and some may not even survive until Phase 4.

The is also a clear lack of plans to address the losses incurred by shutting down economic sectors that are not considered essential over the past 15 months including those in the entertainment business, reflexology centres or even businesses involving social gatherings, among others.

The government really needs to step in and step up when private businesses are failing in the current crisis economy while workers are losing their jobs.

One of my concerns is the government’s decision to use absolute cases as a barometer as this is very dependent on testing. For Covid-19 cases to be used as a reliable parameter, our positive rate must constantly remain below 5%. We need to ensure that the daily numbers are adjusted to the total daily tests done, only then it is a more significant parameter.

Fact of the matter is, the World Health Organisation(WHO) recommendation is for the country to maintain the positive rate below 5% for 14 days before considering opening the economy. That is the clear science, not purely based on absolute cases.

On top of that, it is regrettable that the Perikatan Nasional(PN) do not consider the opening of Parliament as an essential service during this pandemic even though all Members of Parliament(MPs) have already been vaccinated.

One of the main solutions to our current problems is to restore parliamentary democracy in our country so that all MPs can play their part to contribute suggestion and ideas to the current governments and also provide proper checks & balance to the system.

If we look at examples all around the world including the UK and even Singapore, when cases in increases in a certain country, they will have more Parliamentary meetings to not only update the public on government plans, but also to get input from all quarters to activate the whole of government, whole of society approach.

The days that the “government knows best” are over.