Instead Of Addressing People’s Problems, PM proposal An Attempt To Cling On Power


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

Mahiaddin has totally missed the main reason behind the call for his resignation.

The main reason underlying the call for his resignation is his failure and that of his cabinet’s failure to properly manage the Covid-19 pandemic, causing 1,342,215 Covid cases and 11,691 deaths to-date and ruin to our country’s economy.

To put it simply, people have totally given up any hope that the Mahiaddin’s PN Government can save the country and her people. That is why most Malaysians now want a new Prime Minister and a new cabinet to run this country.

With or without Mahiaddin’s promises announced yesterday, the proposed 7 agenda of reforms will still come through as democracy in our country progresses and matures. However, as of now, the most important agenda for the country is to properly manage the Covid-19 pandemic, to reduce the infection rate and the death cases and to revive our economy.

Therefore, the most urgent thing to do now is to replace the present incompetent Prime Minister and cabinet with those who are able to properly manage the current crisis. Top priority should be the lives of the people, the sufferings caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the hunger due to lack of income and the businesses at the brink of closing down cannot wait any longer.

By making such proposals in the hope of clinging to power instead of formulating new policies to address the above problems faced by the people daily, it is clear that this PN Government is putting the interest of holding on to power above the interest of the people.

With such a selfish and incompetent government, how can one expect a responsible opposition to give it the lifeline to continue its destruction of people’s lives and country’s economy?

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman