Wife of State Legal Counsel Ambushed Violet in Sarawak DUN Chambers


Statement by ADUN Pending YB Violet Yong:

Tuan Speaker,

I wish to bring to the attention of this August house and put on record that I was ambushed, confronted by Datin Sri Annie Fong who is also the wife of Datuk Sri JC Fong at this Chamber during the 1st break yesterday morning. She stopped me at the first door of Door D of this chamber while I was walking out the Chambers.

She queried and interrogated me on why I have highlighted on her daughter’s interest in Handal Energy Berhad during my debate speech last week and said she didn’t have good sleep for the past few days. After that she cried in front of me. Honourable Member for Tanjung Datu and Honourable Member for Batu Lintang had witnessed the moment. They too saw her crying.

Because of that I feel sad, I feel distressed and could not sleep last night. I feel that I have been emotionally blackmailed and manipulated.

As to why was she here yesterday morning and some more in this very chambers who is supposed to be exclusively for elected reps and key government officers, I believe the answer is clear. Of course, we know her husband is a very powerful man. Does she have any business in this August House? When permission is given to her to sit in this house, this August House has created the circumstances whereby a member of this August House is subject to harassment by the wife of the State Legal Counsel who is very powerful in position.

I am of the view that I am obliged to bring this matter to this August House. All of us here should feel comfortable and raise issue without fear or favour, much less to live with the dread of onslaught wrath and emotional abuse by visitors who hold personal grudges against any one of us because of what we as the elected representatives raised in this House.

The worst is when the visitor is allowed to enter this chamber and to cause distress to us on the 8th Floor of the State Legislative building where the area should be a safe haven for all elected representatives.

I verily believe that the sanctity of this state legislative assembly being a forum to pass law should be uphold and respected at the highest degree. This very august house should not be abused and used as a place for personal emotional harassment and treated as ordinary market place.

With this, I urge this August House to tighten the security of this place and be more stringent in admitting visitors into the building.

YB Violet Yong Wui Wui
ADUN Pending