When can Sarawak Premier’s office come out with SOP to address “k” status in the Mykad of stateless Children whom granted citizenship?


Media Statement By Violet Yong :

It is disheartening to note that the problem of stateless children has not ended even after they were granted citizenship because they were denied “K” indicator in their mykad thereby depriving them of a Sarawakian status.

This is a longstanding issue which the State government failed to solve. Till today, the Sarawak State government has not out with a clear SOP and policy regarding the “K” indicator in the Mykad for the stateless children who were granted citizenship.

When these children are denied with having K indicators, they are not recognised as Sarawakians. They have to apply for permits if they were to live in Sarawak. Either, they apply for long term visa or work permit or fly out every three months to get a chop on their passports. What is more frustrating is these children are not entitled for any State welfare aid, schemes or Yayasan Sarawak scholarship.

The Sarawak government is well aware of this issue and despite knowing that these children are left in a ‘limbo’ the second time in their lives, they have not come up with a proper SOP to deal with it immediately.

I was made to understand JPN Sarawak is waiting for a clear policy guideline to address the issue from the YAB Premier’s office. Whether a Mykad is entitled to a K indication is purely within the Sarawak government’s power. If the State government continues to sit on the problem it goes to show that the government is irresponsible towards these children.

In June last year, the Honorable member for Dalat who is the Minister of Women, Early Childhood and Community Wellbeing Development told the press that there was a discussion held between her ministry, Premier office, State Attorney General, Immigration and JPN. Again, she stated recently that there is a need for further discussion to come to a solution. May we know how long is the State government going to further discuss on it? All the data, the information regarding the individual who had been granted citizenship had been vetted through by the relevant authority so why take decades for the State government to come up with solutions. This shows the insincerity of the GPS state government in resolving the issue. I was told JPN Sarawak is waiting for the clear policy from the Premier Office to deal with status “K” applications for the MyKad.

From these children Mykad, there is already a number 13 stated there indicating that the person is from Sarawak. So why is it so difficult to help them? Hence, I call on the Sarawak government to treat them fairly by coming up with a clear policy immediately.

In 2021, the former Honorable member for Bukit Assek had written to the State Secretary to enquire about the K indicator issue but till now, she has yet to receive any reply. Such is the attitude of the State GPS government!