Violet Yong questioned MBKS: Where is the lucky draw for 2023 Kuching Festival as promised?


Media Statement By Violet Yong:

SCAM is rampant. It was ironical that the public who went to the Kuching food festival last year 2023 were “scanned to be scammed” as it ended up that there was no lucky draw at all as promised by MBKS team led by the Mayor.

Last year, before and during the Kuching fest festival, Mayor of MBKS had proudly made repeatedly calls to the public not to forget to scan the QR Code displayed at the entrance of the Kuching Fest to stand a chance to win a lucky draw prize including motorcycles valued RM6,000 each, foldable bicycles, laptops, tablets and smart watches.

However, until today, the three motorcycles are still placed at the entrance of the MBKS lobby. Despite me bringing up this issue through my social media as well as through the press asking the Mayor to explain why the prizes were not claimed yet, there was a deafening silence from him. Knowing his style, if he can hamtan, he sure will hamtan me ‘kaw-kaw.”

If a public office openly made a promise and failed to fulfil, it could tantamount to deceit and be charged for criminal offence in court. This is akin to Criminal Breach of Trust. It is indeed very serious and shameful for a public office to scam the public. There should not be any dishonest act from any public office. Do not forget MBKS is a government body and must be accountable and transparent in all their actions.

Given that this is a serious issue, I call on the Minister in charge of Local government to give a full report in his winding up over this Scam fiasco by MBKS as the Mayor of MBKS failed to give a thorough explanation over the issue.

The public would like to know what has happened to all the data collected through the QR Code Scan. The personal information of the public are not supposed to leak to a third party or kept by a third party. Who is having and keeping the data collected?