Violet calls on SGH to treat all patients fairly by providing Microwave for Non Halal Food


Media Statement By Violet Yong:

When a patient ended up in the palliative care unit, that is the last leg of their life journey. Thus, we should give compassion and love to all of them and that no one should be discriminated against in whatever way. They should be able to enjoy whatever life has to offer them including enjoying a warm meal heated up from the microwave. Therefore, we should let them consume whatever they crave as and when they are still able.

We all acknowledge that we Sarawakians respect each other mutually regardless of race and religion. We have to accept the fact that the population of Dayaks constitute the majority in Sarawak.

It is very sad to know that such insensitive practice has penetrated into our midst on the first floor of the Palliative ward in RTU building, Sarawak General hospital. When I learned such an insensitive practice took place, my office immediately liaised with personnel from the hospital management. But, they refused to entertain and insisted to continue with such practice. The person whom we spoke to claimed that that is the policy of the hospital and nothing can be done.

That is why I have no choice but to bring this issue to this August House and hopping that the YAB Premier could stop such insensitive practice immediately. We must not let extremism rots our state racial and religious harmonious.

When I received the feedback of a notice attached to a microwave, “Halal food only. Thank you for your cooperation”, my heart dropped. I ask myself if Sarawakians can have all races to sit together in coffee shops to enjoy meals, why should the hospital management take such an extreme approach when we all know that the patients are living in their limited time. If anyone were to be in his or her shoes, I do not think we want to be mistreated in such manner.

Sarawak GPS government always sings praises of Sarawak being harmonious and takes pride in the harmony among the races and that no other state in Malaysia practises that.

Respect goes both ways and there should not be any party demanding that all must live their way of life. Everyone should be tolerant and learn to live, understand and respect each other’s culture and beliefs. The best way to eliminate this issue is for the hospital management to place an additional microwave to serve the others.

If the hospital management has no budget to purchase additional microwaves, do let me know. I will send over the required number, despite me having zero allocation from the GPS State government.