The GPS Government’s tallest flagpole has kicked off with the worst possible start.


Press Statement By YB Chong Chieng Jen:

The GPS Government’s tallest flag pole has kicked off with the worst possible start.

Right of the beginning, the project is tainted with elements of extravagance and non-accountability, the two elements reflecting a bad budgetary planning and management.

To spend RM30 million to build a flag pole of 99 metre height, that is an average whopping RM300,000 per metre.

Imagine how much welfare projects could be carried out with such a huge amount of money, instead of having merely a pole to boost the ego of the power that be.

It is no wonder that this project has drawn flak from most right-thinking Sarawakians.

Not only are the costs of the flagpole mind-bogglingly high, more so, at such time when most Sarawakians are forced to tighten their belts because of the economic slowdown and escalating high costs of living.

When most Sarawakians are suffering from the high costs of living, it is most insensitive of the State GPS Government to embark and showcase such extravagant spending.

Secondly, when news of the proposed construction of the said tallest flagpole broke out, the GPS Government, in trying to deflect public criticisms about the high costs, claimed that the costs will be borne by private company.

When pressed further who is that private company, the State Government kept mum on the issue.

Now that the construction of the flagpole has been completed, it still begs the question as to who is footing the bill.

No many “private companies” have spare cash of RM30 million to spend without having something in return. No businessman will throw RM30 million for nothing.

Who is this mysterious donor of the flagpole and what will the donor get in return?

Given that the State Government is showcasing the flagpole as the tallest flagpole in Southeast Asia, all the more, the mystery of who is paying for this so-called landmark flagpole should not be left unravelled.

Sarawakians are entitled to know the truth and not be kept in the dark. Otherwise, the flagpole will become THE SYMBOL OF NON-ACCOUNTABILITY of the State Government’s administration.