Sim Kiat Leng urged UNIMAS to carry out a thorough investigation on the over-pricing food issue


Press Statement by Sim Kiat Leng:

The purpose of calling this PC today is about several complaints made by UNIMAS new students regarding the foods served to them during the orientation weeks which was 3 days ago.

During the orientation week, Minggu Aluan Pelajar, Unimas appointed caterer to provide 3 meals a day for the new student.

The cost is RM20 per student per day, divided into Breakfast RM4.00, Lunch RM8.00 and Dinner RM8.00. It has come to our knowledge that the meals provided to the new students under this program is grossly below par, and not comparable to the price paid by UNIMAS.

The meal served by them for breakfast is only egg, rice and one drink whilst for lunch is only a piece of chicken and rice which cost RM8. This is ridiculous.

With the same amount of money, the student can get at least 2 vegetables and 1 meat as a meal.

We are very concerned about this issue because the student’s health and welfare are at stake.

Under the new PH government, there should no longer be any of such over-pricing or under-provision of government procurement contracts which is the hallmark of the previous government.

This act is definitely jeopardizing the student’s welfare and we do not allow this to happen.

We hope UNIMAS will carry out a thorough investigation on this matter and provide an explanation to the public about this issue.

Sim Kiat Leng
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen