Nearly 100 longhouse folks from Munggu Demam Undup joins DAP


Today Leon Jimat Donald, Sri Aman DAP Chairman received applications to join DAP from 85 folks from Rh Romeo Munggu Demam.

In a short statement, Tuai Rumah Romeo Serit, who led the exodus to DAP said ‘DAP is the right choice & platform for us as it is a member of Pakatan Harapan, which is now leading the Federal Government. And Mr Leon is close to us, who in turn is close to the Federal leadership, which we hope he will channel, relay our shortcomings & grievances to the leaders in the federal government.’

Leon added ‘We from DAP Sri Aman welcome our new members under the leadership of TR Romeo Serit. He is well loved for his vision in leading his longhouse folks and also very hardworking in elevating the welfare of his anak buah. I applaud his vision in not wanting to be left out from mainstream politics where a huge portion of welfare for the assistance for our rural folks comes mostly from the federal government.’

Meanwhile, TR Romeo Serit handing over the DAP membership forms to Sdr Leon Jimat Donald, DAP Sri Aman Chairman & DAP Sarawak Exco Member.