MBKS Urged To Set Up Special Help Desk To Assist KMC Flat’s Tenants to Apply RM200 Rental Scheme


Press Statement By Violet Yong:

MBKS is urged to set up a special help desk to assist the tenants of Ban Hock Road KMC Flat in their applications for Sarawak Rental Assistance Scheme (SRAS) and to extend the deadline for submission of application form so as to provide ample time for the applicants to complete and submit the necessary documents.

As far as I understand, the Sarawak Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has not set any deadline for application of SRAS. As such, it is unreasonable for MBKS to issue notice to all tenants and set a deadline by fixing15 November 2021 as the last day for KMC Flat tenants to submit their applications. I have received ground feedbacks that many tenants of KMC Flat are clueless about the SRAS and do not know how to apply for it.

“I had assisted few Tenants in their applications by filling up the forms and compiling all required documents for submission.”

I wish to stress that as a responsible city council, MBKS should do their best to assist their own tenants by ensuring that all eligible KMC Flat tenants could benefit through this rental assistance scheme.

In the recent announcement made by the Sarawak Government, those low-income groups who are renting properties are eligible to apply for SRAS that implements through the Housing Development Corporation. As promised by the government, the successful applicants are entitled receive RM200 monthly rental assistance for a maximum period of 36 months or three years.

Most of the tenants of Ban Hock Road KMC Flat are eligible to apply for SARS. Therefore, MBKS should give a helping hand to their own tenants in their applications and assist them in compiling the required supporting documents.

For successful applicants the RM200 monthly rental assistance will be credited directly into MBKS’s account as the property owner. Therefore, MBKS should not sit on its responsibility but use their best endeavor in ensuring their tenants benefitthrough this rental assistance scheme.

The application criteria for this rental assistance scheme are that the person must be a Malaysian and permanent resident in Sarawak and possesses MyKad with ‘K’ status with monthly household income less than RM2131, aged 21 years and above, married or single father/mother and at least 1 child living with the applicant.

At the same time, the applicants must fill up the form and attach the latest copy of the necessary documents which include a married or divorce certificate, a copy of the applicant’s IC (applicant and spouse), a copy of Child’s birth certificate (must stay together with the applicant), household income statement, a copy of OKU card, stamped tenancy agreement, and the photos of the rented premises.

Anyone who requires help in applying for the Sars is welcome to contact myself or DAP HQ 082-335511.

Violet Yong
DAP Sarawak State Organising Secretary