Increase Manpower And Use Better Equipped Venues For Teenage Vaccination Program


Press Statement By Julian Tan:

Today we paid a personal visit to both SJK Chung Hua Pending and Dewan Majma to observe the vaccination process of students (16-17 years old) and to better understand their needs. This is also in response to the multiple complaints and concerns raised by parents on the congestion during the vaccine administration. Upon arriving at around 11 am, we notice that the number of crowds has significantly reduced.

As for SJK Chung Hua Pending, frontliners told us that the initial build-up of the crowd is mainly due to students arriving early. Some arrive before the opening time, while some do not according to their allocated time slot. A long queue ensues. From 730am to 10 am, the frontliners managed to achieve a commendable rate of vaccinated nearly 400 students. By noon the PPV is only at around 60% filled.

With the help from YB Kelvin Yii’soffice, we donated some standing fans and extension cord to ease the discomfort due to the hot weather. We hope more PPVs will be better equipped for the public’s comfort, staff, and volunteers. The main bottleneck for the entire process flow seems to be during the process of DATA entry. More laptops and volunteers are needed on this part.

Best on our observation, some suggestions:

For the public (parents/Students),

1)Arriving not more than 30mins before the appointed PPV’s allocated time or latest instructions.

2)Teachers and students to always follow the latest time allocated by respective PPV. Should there be a conflict with the time assigned in the MySejahteraApps,  they should always follow the one given by the PPV.

3) Students and parents to prepare beforehand all the standard Q&A to ease DATA entry. The medical-related questions such as existing medical condition, allergy, and if in doubt, they can always bring over the relevant medical report to be vet through by Dr there.

4) lastly, following recommended SOP, if possible, with double masks and a face shield.

For the relevant authorities:

1) To ensure adequate facility to accommodate fast process and comfort of those involved. E.g., enough cooling fans, especially now during the hot weather.

2) To rally more volunteers who can help longer hours, half a day at minimum or at best full day with their laptops to address bottleneck issues during DATA entry. Longer hours to ensure time will not be wasted on the need to re-train volunteers during each shift. A 1-2 hour shift is too short.

3) To allow the public that is qualified to volunteer to address the current lack of staff.

We want to urge the state government to use better and much bigger, well-equipped facilities for the job. Such as BCCK. Since last month, PPVs such as BCCK can continue to serve as vaccination canter for the students. Why is it not used, and why does the need to rush just a few days before the school reopens? This is not just more convenient for the public but reducing the risk of a spread of COVID19 in more congested large-scale PPVs.

Lastly, we also take the opportunity to thank all dedicated frontliners and teachers volunteers who were involved and assisted in the smooth running of the students’ vaccination program.

Julian Tan
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen