George Disappointed by Mayor’s Bureaucratic Response on Excessive Assessment Rates


Press Statement By George Lam:

I am disappointed with the bureaucratic response from MBKS Mayor Dato Wee with regards to the excessive assessment rates imposed on the units of an affordable housing scheme, namely Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront. This only goes to show that MBKS does not sympathize with the plight of the residents.

The residents of PR1MA Bintawa are dissatisfied with the high assessments rates imposed. Some of the units could have assessment bills of more than RM500++ yearly; this rate is so much higher than other ordinary landed property within Kuching Town area. The rate imposed by the council is unreasonable and unfair to the residents of an affordable housing scheme.

“Instead of conducting Facebook live in the office which is counterproductive in solving the overpriced assessment issue, it is more appropriate for Mayor of MBKS to personally visit PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront and meet up with the unhappy residents of PR1MA Bintawa to better understand their problems and find possible solutions to the matter.”

Pending Assemblywoman Violet Yong has recently urged MBKS to review and lower the excessive assessment rates billed for the affordable housing scheme Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront.

In term of pricing and facilities of Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront which is a government affordable housing scheme, it is incomparable with other private developed apartments projects under the MBKS’s jurisdictions.

I wish to seek answers to my questions from the Mayor of MBKS. What is the rational for charging such high assessment rate on PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront unit? Why was there no special consideration taken into account whilst formulating the assessment rates for any affordable housing units? Why MBKS adopted the same formula that applies to a private developed apartments in calculating the assessment rates of Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront?

Isn’t is more proper for MBKS to place Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront housing scheme into a special category so as to come out with a much lower and reasonable assessment rates?

The reason why many people chose to buy the units at Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront is because of the affordable pricing although many conditions and restrictions are being imposed which include the puchased unit cannot either be sold off within the initial five years period or rented out; it only can be used for self-occupatiin. Therefore, it is absurd for the mayor to claim that the assessment rates is rightfully determined because there are units which have been leased out to collect rental.

In actual fact, the residents had formally written to MBKS sometime last year to highlight the issue concerning the expensive assessment rate imposed on Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront. Yet, the issue has not been properly addressed and remains unresolved by MBKS. Therefore, the residents of Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront have to seek help from DAP so that the matter could once again be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing as well as MBKS for action.

It is hoped that, the authorities concerned will give due consideration to the issues raised by reviewing and lowering the excessive assessment rates imposed on Residensi PR1MA Bintawa Riverfront. It is not too much for the residents to ask for an affordable assessment rates to be imposed on their properties.

George Lam
Special Assistant to YB Violet Yong