Ensure political stability for country’s growth


Media Statement By YB Kelvin Yii:

Now that the State Elections are over, it is important that all parties put aside their differences, “constant politicking” and come together in spirit of reconciliation to play our different roles to rebuild our nation, ensure stability, and address core issues faced by the people.

That is why I regret the constant politicking and attempts by leaders within Perikatan Nasional(PN) to destabilize the Federal Government including a statement most recently, rejecting a possible intercoalition peace deal to ensure political stability in the country as expressed by PAS deputy president Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

They continue harping on the possibility of a change of government mid-way through the term, justifying it that it is permissible as long as it was done within the boundaries of the law.

This is a clear example of leaders who priorities power & positions, and jeopardizing the interest of the nation which urgently needs some form of political stability to ensure certainty and consistency in policies in order to strengthen investors confidence and attract greater investments into our country.

Our country has been through too much political turmoil in the past few years which has caused us to lose out to our neighboring countries in terms of investments, developments and missed opportunities for needed reforms.

I even dare say, that if after the last election it was Perikatan Nasional that managed to form the government, it will at the best interest of the nation that that government last for the full term and we as Pakatan Harapan(PH) will play our role as constructive opposition to strengthen and promote a healthy democracy in our country.

What is worst is there a certain quarters even though the elections is over, still constantly play up divisive sentiments in an attempt to split and divide us when what the nation needs is for all of us to heal, reconcile, come together regardless of our race or religion to address common issues together, ensure stability and shared prosperity among all Malaysians.

That is why as the Federal Government, we need to get down to ground and govern through the “CENTRE” and push forth moderate policies addressing fundamental socioeconomic systemic issues for the good of all Malaysians.

We need to deal first and foremost with the economic anxieties among the people, regardless of race and to ensure that our macro-policies are translated as realities on the ground.

This includes ensuring the people on the ground experience the benefits of the positive GDP growth, lower inflation and increased investors confidence which resulted in better and higher quality investments since the Unity Government came into power.

We can only “break the wave” by improving people’s lives, fixing the economy, & bringing about needed institutional reforms while addressing common concerns among Malaysians, especially the common poor and working class.