DAP Sarawak: There must be accountability in the Flagpole matter


Media Statement by Kelvin Yii:

It is because DAP Sarawak cares and want the best for Sarawak, we play our role as a check & balance to ensure there is proper implementation of policies in Sarawak to prevent any wastage or abuse no matter how noble or good the intention is of the current government.

It is not true to say that DAP Sarawak never supports what is best for Sarawak especially when it is proven that we both in the Parliamentary & DUN level, we have open debated and supported Bills and laws that were tabled by the government of the day which are good for Sarawak and even voted unanimously to pass many of those Bills.

So wanting what is best for Sarawak is not about just praising the government, but more importantly demanding for transparency and accountability for every project and even direction of any policy-decision. That’s our role as a responsible opposition within the State.

Fact of the matter, if the government is confident of such a project, they should be more than willing to stand up to scrutiny and be transparent with all dealings involving this project to remove any doubts and question over it.

It is imperative for the government to be transparent and continue to hold accountability in this matter, including revealing who the generous donor of the CSR-project and more importantly justifying the cost of the project itself, which is said to be RM30 million for a 99-m flagpole.

In comparison, the tallest flagpole in the world located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia stands at 171m, and was built at cost of SAR 18.7million, equivalent to US$4.9 million (around RM21 million)

Just because Sarawak may have additional allocations or funds as mentioned by the Minister, it should be vetted and scrutinised with utmost diligence and the Sarawak Government has the onus and greater responsibility to ensure its being spent prudently, without wastage, and more importantly benefiting the people of Sarawak

I reiterate my stand that this flagpole project is “misplaced priorities” and such funds could be better used to invest in matters that have direct benefit to the people including public infrastructure or even in our health or education even if its from a private-source.

Fact of the matter, I believe its important to set up a proper mechanism to regulate and monitor big amount CSR -donations  by private entities to ensure it is transparent and any of such endeavor is not abused, and used as a form of inducement or payback for current or future contracts from the state government.