DAP Sarawak backs Alexander ’s stand not to accept Palestinian refugees


DAP Sarawak backs Alexander Nanta’s stand in not accepting refugees from Palestine into Sarawak.

Sarawak is known for its racial harmony, peace and tolerance.  The admission of Palestinian refugees may disrupt the present situation in Sarawak.

While we emphatize with the sufferings of the Palestinians victimised by the Palestine-Israel war, we are worried about the admission of the war victims into Sarawak as there will be clashes of ideologies, beliefs, cultures and ways of life with Sarawakians.

As such, I urge the Sarawak Government to adopt the stand of Alexander Nanta who is the Secretary-General of GPS, the ruling parties in Sarawak and to state its firm stand to Putrajaya.

Though DAP Sarawak is the Opposition in Sarawak, when it comes to matters which affect the interest of Sarawak, we can share the same opinion and stand.