DAP Handed 100 PPEs and 50 Face Shield To COVID-19 Screening Centre


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

Yesterday, together with YB Violet Yong and YBhg Julian Tan, we paid another short visit to Kompleks Belia & Sukan to handover 100 PPEs Coveralls worth RM 8,000 as well as 50 3D-printed Face Shield to the frontliners to better protect them as they come into contact with PUIs on a daily basis.

The 50 Face shield were 3D-printed by Julian Tan Kok Ping himself and handed over to the staff as a show of appreciation for their contributions and sacrifices.

Yesterday, we received the news that the State Disaster Management Committee have identified about 2484 that have possible close contacts with Positive cases that have yet to be screened.

I would like to encourage them as well as others who may have contact with PUIs to be screen and tested in the different testing centres including the one here at KBS. It is our collective responsibility to protect not just ourselves, but the people around us.

We all must also be supportive of them. There should not be any stigma, accusations or blame, as this will only discourage them from stepping up, but rather we must build a supportive and encouraging environment for those who take the brave and responsible step to get tested.

We as a nation must heal together through this battle and after that recover as nation both in our health and economy. In order to do that, all must not be only treated on their physical health, but also be supported in their mental health.

Studies have shown that mental health has an impact on a workers productivity and ability at work. That is why it is important that we approach the handling of the impact of the virus on both approaches focusing both on physical and mental side of the patient.

In order to rebuild our nation economically, we need the nation’s productivity to rise. That is why if our nation is healthy in both aspects, the nations nation’s productivity will definitely go up, and that is a very important step if we want to recover fast as a nation from the global economic recession due to the impact of the virus.