Abg Jo should prioritize local schools more instead of building International Schools – Leon


Having visited nearly 10 schools in Sri Aman Constituency, The entourage from DAP Sri Aman were left shocked and speechless over the condition of the schools. All of the schools needed major repairs as  the safety of students as well as the teachers is paramount. 

So Abg Jo’s announcement in building international schools does come as a shock to many and I have been receiving many complaints from the people especially concerned parents and teachers.

Cracks in the buliding block inside SK Sri Aman, making the room being pointed unusable.

Firstly, Abg Jo is does not seem to want to cultivate the existing human resources available to him, that is bringing and building better school facilities for better learning for students and teachers in a better learning environment. 
The future leaders and inheritors of Sarawak must be given the best facilities, no matter where they are schooling in, whether in Long Bemang or Ulu Nanga Entalau. 

Secondly, let the privately run schools be run by private business initiatives as mostly these international schools are profit oriented. 
How many parents can afford to send their children to Private Schools anyway. The State Government under Abg Jo should prioritize the repairs of schools first before embarking on the building of private schools. Once all our schools are repaired especially in the rural areas, only then can we afford other luxuries.

The recent Pakatan Harapan Federal Cabinet decision in issuing the RM1 Billion to repair all the dillipated schools in Sarawak comes as a great joy and relief for the students and teachers in Sarawak especially in the rural schools. 

Staff room in SMK Melugu that can collapse at any time, needs urgent repairs

At last, we will have better & safer facilities to study in. Abg Jo must not lose focus on the need to give Sarawakians better access and comfort in getting an education.