Batu Kitang DAP Branch chairman Abdul Aziz Isa represented Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Deputy Minister YB Tuan Chong Chieng Jen to officiate the Excellent Students& Graduation Ceremony held at SK Landeh, BatuKitang state constituency. At the event, Abdul Aziz also presented two mock cheques with the amount of RM21,000 to SK Landeh Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for 2019.

The cheques which was approved by YB Tuan Chong Chieng Jen through his MP Allocation Fund was handed over to HaratonoSulaiman (SK Landeh PTA Chairman). In addition, Abdul Aziz announced that YB Tuan Chong Chieng Jen has approved the RM30,000 SK Landeh for the School Main Gate Upgrading Project and is expected to be completed by this week.

The project which was awarded to Bumiputera contractors through the open tender system took 6 weeks to complete. This proves that the Federal Government under PakatanHarapan practices a competency, accountability and transparent (CAT) policy in giving out projects for benefit of the people.

At the event, Abdul Aziz said that as the population in JalanLandeh is increasing due to the development of new housing areas, he suggested that it is high time for the federal government, the Ministry of Education (MoE) to consider the need to build another primary and a new secondary school to accommodate the increasing number of students along Landeh Road.

He suggested the new primary school to be named SK Sri RPR Taman Sri Permai while the new secondary school would be SMK Landeh. The proposal came as three schools within the vicinity of JalanLandeh and Kota Padawan today such as SK Landeh, SK PayaMebi and SJK Chung Hua Batu 10 are unable to accommodate the increasing number of students annually.

Although SK Landeh is a new school, with the rapid development of new housing areas, it has increased the number of students in SK Landeh. Furthermore, the current number of classrooms is very limited to accommodate the increasing number of students.

In fact, the existing SK PayaMebi could no longer accommodate large number of students due to the limited number of classrooms. As for the allocation of SK PayaMebi upgrades, it can only be done on a small and medium scale due to the limited size of land. The expansion of SK PayaMebi can only be done if State Education Department (SED) can acquire two lots of private land next to the school.

Considering these factors, many parents are forced to send their children to two other schools that is just a short distance from their home such as SK Wira Jaya (8th Miles) and SK Semanggok (12th Miles). However, parents can only send their children to SK Wira Jaya when there is a vacancy because most of the students sent to SK Wira Jaya are children from the Penrissen army camp.

In addition, the problem that arises every day is the heavy traffic congestion especially at Kuching-Serian Road during peak hours. As a result, parents have to deal with heavy traffic congestion problems especially when sending and fetching their children. Indirectly, this condition contributes to health factors such as stress and it affects the quality and productivity of their work in the office.

Abdul Aziz said that when the flyover in Kota Padawan is scheduled to be completed next year, it will make the area surrounding Kota Padawan rapidly developing and thus increases the number of population per capita. Clearly, the increase in the number of population per capita will eventually have an impact on increasing number of students annually.

As such, the Stampin Parliamentary Service Centre and DAP BatuKitang Branch will suggest to the SED and the MoE to consider this proposal for the well-being of the people.

Also present at the event were Nur Sarah Sarah Sandra Stephen (SK Landeh Headmaster), Noor AzmiSebi (SK PayaMebi Headmaster), SapieeDeni (SK Stoh Headmaster), PelimanGendang (Senior Assistant I SMK Penrissen No.1), teachers, supporting staffs, students and parents.

Abdul Aziz Isa
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen
DAP BatuKitang Branch Chairman
DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Sarawak Publicity Secretary